Diagnosed with cancer?

Wondering if you’re getting the best care?

Afraid of side effects, and considering alternative cancer therapy or natural cancer therapy?

Do you get the feeling your questions annoy your conventional oncologist?

Do you rarely get to see your oncologist?

Board certified oncologist Dr. Dawn Lemanne will help you with all these questions and more!

We leave NO  STONE UNTURNED to help you find the best information, the best care, and the best plan for you!





Are facing a life-threatening diagnosis.

Are pro-active, that is, willing to change your life to get well.

Need science-based medical information. Now.

No Stone Unturned

Gives you personal access to a renowned, board-certified integrative oncologist.

Answers ALL your questions about cancer treatment–conventional and alternative–quickly and respectfully, and in plain English.

Helps you make sense of your cancer treatment plan.

Navigates all of the medical establishments for you, whether conventional or alternative.

Helps you get second opinions from the world’s best doctors.

Helps you find the best doctors for your type of cancer, right where you live. Or anywhere in the world.











You keep your oncologist.

You call or email No Stone Unturned whenever you have questions large or small.

We provide science based information from the latest findings from conventional and integrative sources.

No Stone Unturned works for you alone. We avoid the all-too-common conflicts of interest that plague many physicians now.  No Stone Unturned proudly remains free of all “health” plans, all medical insurance companies, all unsupported medical dogmas, whether conventional or alternative, and all the pharmaceutical industries, including herb and supplement companies.